We can also easily offer engineering solutions. The solutions provided by us are completely in accordance with the IT Industries standards and also fulfill the demands and needs of the clients. These solutions are taken care by our engineers who have profound knowledge related to various issues of the problem. Keeping your business systems purring.

Whether you need a regular service agreement, we can tailor a service and support solution to suit your requirements.

Our services include:
Support & Maintenance

Techpro India offers a range of network support solutions. We understand that your business relies on its network to function at all times. Below is a list of services that we offer to ensure that your network delivers maximum availability to your business, the way you expect it to.

On-site support to trouble-shoot and resolve hardware or software faults on your network Benchmark Performance testing Periodical health check-ups for you network Assistance with adding, moving or changing any part of your network including networking hardware and desktop workstations.